The Impact of HS2 on our communities


7 Years of construction works = 7 years of disruption & destruction.

Construction of HS2 is due to commence in 2020, with an estimated 1500 HGV movements per day in the Baldwins Gate, Whitmore areas and 500 a day in Woore . This is in addition to normal daily traffic.

Unimaginable congestion, noise pollution, filthy roads and air pollution from diesel engined lorries.

Massively increased danger to pedestrians & cyclists from increased traffic volumes.

Huge volumes of traffic diverted onto already congested roads and country lanes.

Adverse effect on the value and saleability of properties in and around the areas.

A53 raised in height by 7m between Whitmore & The Mainwaring Arms. Temporary diversion of the road whilst the bridge is constructed.

A viaduct along the Meece Brook 240m long & 12m high.

Permanent Widening of Common Lane and Snape Hall Road and permanent closure of Snape Hall Road at its intersection with HS2. No more walks 'around The Heath'.

One third of Whitmore Wood destroyed, the remainder held in place by gigantic retaining wall length 577m long, height upto 22m.

An enormous viaduct across the Lea Valley, Length 785m, height upto 21m + 4m high noise barrier.

Manor road to be lifted up on a 1,000m long embankment upto 13m high. i) A525 overbridge j)Madeley twin bore tunnel under Bar Hill and through part of Madeley Wood.


There is an alternative - The Longer Deeper Tunnel