Traffic Chaos on the A525

HS2 will need a power supply. We have learned from HS2 that they are intending to lay a high voltage power line from Silverdale through to Bar Hill in Madeley. The intended route is along the A525 from Keele, through Madeley Village to Bar Hill. HS2 estimate the road works will take between 6 - 10 months.


Woodland Trust Campaign against Select Committee Decision

It ain't over yet! The Woodland Trust are campaigning to try to overturn the Select Committee decision. We can support their campaign here

The Woodland Trust have an action out at the moment in which we’re asking our supporters and anyone else concerned to send a message to Nusrat Ghani MP, the minister for HS2, to ask her to reverse the committee’s decision, support the tunnel and save the ancient woodland.


Select Committee Decision Announced

The decision of the HS2 Select Committee has been published today & unfortunately they have rejected our appeal for the 'Whitmore to Madeley Tunnel'.

How they can do this in such a short period of time and without even having visited our communities is beyond belief.

You can read their decision here:

And the Detailed report here: