The devastating effect on Madeley & Surrounding Areas

HS2 will devastate the area of Bar Hill, Madeley, as a cutting that is 133 metres wide at its top (equivalent to 2 motorway widths) and 17 metres deep, is dug under the current route of the A525. This involves the destruction of two homes and their outbuildings. The A525 Bar Hill is to be raised on an over bridge 4 metres above existing ground level and moved to go over HS2.  There are various compounds and soil stockpiles that will be sited locally ruining the area for almost 7 years during construction. 

A tunnel 673 metres long and 398 metres deep will be bored south of Bar Hill and a tunnel portal building and rescue area constructed.  An aqueduct and surface water pumping station will be sited nearby.

Added to this the A525 to Woore and the A51 will be used as a construction route.  Massive disruption to traffic will occur over these years which will affect people, not just those suffering on Bar Hill and also Manor Road but from communities who need to access the doctors and whose children go to schools in Madeley as well as businesses, farms and homes on the A525 and beyond.

If we have the longer deeper tunnel not only would this negate the affects above but also reduce the extra engineering that is required in delivering the above ground project.