HS2 Whitmore2Madeley Completing the Consultation Response

All you have to do is complete a few details - your own personal information, tick the box stating that you wish to respond to CA4 Whitmore to Madeley & then the next screen as shown below. You can find the consultation response form online here

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You need to say this in your own words but here's a few ideas:

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It is clear that option D9-11.3 (as detailed in section 2.5 of the report) should be the preferred proposal for the Whitmore Heath to Madeley section of the route. 

The current proposal in this area is a massive over-intensification of engineering works that negatively impacts the area on every level; it effects people, community, properties, woodland, wildlife, highways, etc.  Baldwins Gate / Madeley Park Wood and the area and its community will be ruined should the current proposal go ahead. 

Option D9-11.3 would reduce/eliminate much of the disruption currently tabled.

·         Construction of the longer, deeper tunnel would be simplified in comparison

·         Highways works would be significantly reduced, including no need to divert the A53

·         There would be no need to raise the A53 by 7m between Whitmore & the Mainwaring Arms

·         There would be significantly less disruption during construction

·         There would be significantly reduced movements of construction vehicles resulting in less pollution, less risk to pedestrians, motorists & other road users.

·         It would help preserve the ancient woodland of Whitmore Wood and its diverse wildilfe.

·         There would be reduced impact on property values & saleability

·         Community isolation effects would be reduced

·         Visual and amenity impact would be significantly reduced during construction and operation

·         Watercourse impacts would be avoided

·         Public footpaths and roads expected to close in the current propsal would remain open

·         Operational disruption to the West Coast Mainline would be avoided

·         Effects on ancient woodland of 'nation importance' would be reduced

·         The need to demolish properties would be reduced

Many positive impacts to the area which are all significant benefits from choosing option D9-11.3.

People and their lives are being adversely impacted by the current proposal

By choosing option D9-11.3 as the preferred option, whilst it would be a major engineering project in its own right, it would be no more so than raising the level of the A53, constructing bridges, diverting roads, creating new roads, building viaducts, noise barriers, etc.

Option D9-11.3 would mean our landscape remains intact for future generations.