The Longer Deeper Tunnel options gains Council support

Here are a couple of extracts from the consultation response from Stafford Borough Council and Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, supported by Staffordshire Moorlands and Lichfield which clearly state their support for the Longer Deeper Tunnel. This is an excellent milestone for our campaign - but the battle has only just begun.

"The options considered here are noted. It is the view of the authorities that, given the significant infrastructure requirements between the Whitmore and Bar Hill tunnels, and the impact on the Highways Network resulting from construction, consideration should be given to the possibility of joining and lowering the tunnels to pass beneath the West Coast Mainline."

"The authorities understand that, following a proposal by Sir Bill Cash MP in November 2016, the Secretary of State instructed HS2 Ltd. in early summer to assess this option, and are therefore disappointed that several months later, this work has not yet been completed."

"This option should be fully and properly assessed through an open and transparent process, including the completion of ground investigation works as a matter of urgency, with full details available to appropriate local stakeholders"

"Option D9-11.3 would radically reduce the ecological impact of the entire route buy avoiding loss of over 6 hectares of irreplaceable ancient woodland and a number of veteran trees. Impacts on bat assemblages of County value would be avoided. "