Sign the Petition to STOP HS2

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If you support the cancellation of HS2, you may wish to sign the latest Parliamentary petition against the project, which was issued on 21 September. It was requested and worded by Joe Rukin of the STOP HS2 campaign and then published by Parliament. Full details of the petition are at:

Further information can be found at which contains many interesting items.

If you wish to sign, you are asked for your name, email address and post code, then vote. You should receive an immediate reply for you to confirm (or it won't count), which prevents others signing with your details. Don't forget that others in your household can also sign, but they probably need a separate email address to do so. 

To learn more, please use the above petition link and follow the instructions. Before pressing "sign this petition", to see the petition's full wording, press "more". There's also a link on the site to a full UK constituency map showing the numbers so far voting per constituency and its MP - all very interesting.

Naturally, those living nearest to the proposed route, who closely follow news of HS2, are already signing in large numbers. However, all UK residents can also sign and they all bear the cost of this huge project. Even at this early stage, there are only a handful of the country's constituencies (coloured grey on the map) which, so far, don't show any signatures.You can watch the numbers increase online but, be careful, it's addictive! 

Since its launch on 21 September, within seven days 10,000 people had signed the petition. This figure commits the Government to respond (it's now exceeded 13,000 in 10 days), but the more important goal is to reach 100,000 signatures, at which point the Government will consider a debate in Parliament.

The petition will run for six months until 21 March 2018, so it's achievable, but only if all those who would support the cancellation of HS2 find out about the petition and sign accordingly. At present, the vast majority of UK citizens do not know about it, so please spread the word to as many of them as possible and ask that they pass on to even more, so helping the campaign to reach 100,000 signatures ahead of the deadline. All UK citizens can sign, not only those from constituencies which are on the HS2 route. 

Everyone should have the chance to sign, after all over £2 billion of taxpayers money has already been spent (ultimately funded by all taxpayers) before construction has even commenced. The project's cost is now being reported at over £80 billion by some sources, but the Government is keeping quiet about this. Whatever the figure, all residents of the UK will foot the bill and most will never use HS2 because it won't be routed anywhere near where they live and/or they won't be able to afford a ticket on such an expensive train. From east of the Pennines, HS2 is routed to London via Birmingham, so adding a considerable distance to the journey. Therefore, additional ongoing costs (for power, fuel, wear to track and train) will be incurred which can only be recouped by higher ticket prices and/or large subsidies.