The benefits of the Whitmore to Madeley Longer Deeper Tunnel


Where & How

The Whitmore to Madeley Longer Deeper Tunnel (LDT) would be a major engineering project in its own right, but no more so than raising the level of the A53, constructing bridges, diverting roads, creating new roads, building viaducts, noise barriers etc.

The LDT proposal will involve tunneling from further up the valley towards Swynnerton, tunneling below the current level of the A53, deeper under Whitmore Heath and under the entire length of the Lea Valley emerging on the northern side of Madeley.

The benefits of the Whimore to Madeley Longer, Deeper Tunnel:





If we are to convince the Government to give Whitmore to Madeley (Longer Deeper) Tunnel serious consideration we must demonstrate solidarity as a community by making our views known.

These are the benefits:

No need to raise the current level by 7m of the A53 between Whitmore & the Mainwaring Arms - the tunnel would be below the existing road. Significantly less disruption during construction, no need to divert the A53 and far less visual impact once completed.

A much lower Meece Brook viaduct resulting in less visual impact & lower noise pollution.

Significantly reduced movements of construction vehicles resulting in less pollution, less risk to pedestrians, motorists & other road users.

Preservation of the ancient woodland of Whitmore Wood and its diverse wildilfe. The importance of Whitmore Wood and others like it has been identified by the Woodland Trust in a recent article

No need for the enormous viaduct along the Lea Valley to Madeley resulting in minimal visual impact on the landscape, minimal noise pollution and Manor Road remaining as it is.

Reduced impact on property values & saleability

Our landscape remains intact for future generations. Staffordshire may still have no gain from HS2 but it will at least suffer less pain!

Sir Bill Cash has supported us strongly on this and has argued the case for it in Parliament resulting in the Secretary of State directing HS2 to carry out a full appraisal. You can make your views known directly to Sir Bill Cash MP here