HS2 will soon be coming to destroy our villages & countryside. Stand and be counted; join our campaign for

The Whitmore to Madeley Tunnel (LDT)

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A United Voice

The Whitmore2Madeley HS2 Action Group is the official Action Group for Whitmore & Madeley and has the full support of the respective Parish Councils and our local MP Sir Bill Cash. The group was formed in August 2017 as a united voice to represent the interests of both communities and to campaign for our preferred option of The Whitmore to Madeley Tunnel (Longer Deeper Tunnel) which will significantly reduce the impact of HS2 on our communities.


“The Whitmore to Madeley Tunnel (LDT) is a feasible option, but we need is to make our voices heard.”



HS2 are currently investigating the feasibility of The Whitmore to Madeley Tunnel (LDT). They estimate that the additional cost of The Whitmore to Madeley Tunnel to be in the region of £100m. This is a lot of money, but in reality represents only 0.18% of the current estimated cost of the HS2 project.

The Benefits of the LDT


Our Mission

Our goal is to persuade the government to build The Whitmore to Madeley Tunnel (LDT) option and thereby safeguard our beautiful, peaceful countryside together with its ancient woodland and diverse wildlife. The Whitmore to Madeley Tunnel will also significantly reduce the disruption and destruction of our environment during the construction phase.


£56 billion

estimated cost of HS2

£100 million

estimated cost of the LDT


LDT as percentage of the cost HS2


You can make a difference and we can prevent our villages and countryside being destroyed. The HS2 Phase 2a Bill had its second reading in Parliament in January 2018 and was approved, but we still have the opportunity to make our voices heard and petition Parliament to listen to our case and consider The Whitmore to Madeley Tunnel (LDT) option.



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